At Covenant, we believe that God gave us people and places to share the benefits of His love and grace with. 

Locally and Internationally, we desire to go out into all the world and make disciples of all nations.

As our world is in great need, doing all we can to stay safe, healthy and protected, 

we need to remember that God is truly the one who protects us, heals us, guides us in our words and deeds.


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  • Steve and Tracy Geis   |   Papua, New Guinea

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  • Larry and Kathy Dunne   |   Ireland

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  • Dr. Duane "Chip" Anderson   |   17+ Countries

    Christ for the City international

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                                                                  MEET: “Stella” Namalishi Ngome  

Stella is founder and  Director of GRABEL Christian School, Kenya. Her Masters Degree in Christian Education will allow the school to be fully accredited.

She has received a full scholarship to continue her studies in the Azusa Pacific University Master of Divinity program.  The government of Kenya has asked her to lead a project translating the Bible into several tribal dialects upon her return.




                                                                                Thank You from Grable Pillars School, Kenya

Hello everyone at Covenant Christian School!  The photos included are some of the pupils from Grable Pillars School,  Kenya, in their different classes and others doing some manual work in the evening before they go back home. Each class is responsible for the cleaning of their own classroom and any other added assignments from the teacher on duty.

Although they have limited resources, they have been trained how to use what they have and improvise where necessary. This keeps us going day in day out. As you can see after they come home, they all wear a bright face after having gone through the challenges of the day with boldness and courage. They are rooted in the word of God and thus clinging on hope that one day God will come through in their lives. They live a day at a time and with gratitude in every situation of their lives.

We are so glad to have received the gift of $500 from the children at Covenant Christian School. This amount will help us get one room of a pit latrine. We feel it is the most urgent thing we need among many since the two we currently have are not enough to  serve over 250 pupils, especially during break time. The addition of one will make a big difference! We at the Grable Pillars family receive this amount with warm hands and promise that we shall keep you updated on our progress.

Thanks and God bless!



                                                                                             FROM STELLA:

“May I take this opportunity to thank God Almighty for having enabled me to come this far. Getting a scholarship to study my masters degree was the greatest miracle I received in 2018. It was an answered prayer from God Almighty. I had this dream of pursuing my studies but I was not in a position to get that much money to pay for my studies. I came to the US in 2018.For the time I have been here, I have learned so much. Most of them is how to manage time. People in the states are time oriented while in my country we are event oriented. It took me some time to get used to this but after some time, I came to like it so much bearing in mind that time wasted can never be recovered and so I have learned on how to manage my time and it has worked so well with me.

Considering that the culture in my country is very different from here, what shocked me was that people here are so individualistic compared to my country where we live a communal life. I could see this individualism so much that it took me time also to embrace. To be honest I can not say that I am so much used to it but gradually am trying to come in terms with it.

Everything went on well with my studies until this year when we had to take our classes on Zoom. I had never had classes online before so at first it did not look good. We could not  physically meet our professors and even our fellow students. Although we could see and hear one another but at least something was missing. Anyway we had to go through all these changes.

Am so glad we all made it to the end of our academic year and I was able to graduate. I have a really passion of having more study in Biblical languages, that is Greek and Hebrew. I am trusting God to get into an intense one year program of studying these languages. These will help me get to teach the languages in seminaries when I get back home.

My sincere thanks goes to my Covenant family for having allowed me to be part of you for all the time I stayed in Orange County. Thanks for your love, prayers and support I got from you. Always, I will cherish you and you will always have a special place in my heart. I may not be able to mention all but may God in secret bless you all. Amen