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New experiences and opportunities to learn, grow and share the love and knowledge of Christ with others awaits! Mark your calendars for these save the dates! 

  • new year SERIES | marked by joy


    with Pastor Scott Larson

    We find joy in all things... or do we? What is the true center of your joy? Who is the true center of your joy? Even amidst the storm, there is a ray of light... Jesus life is marked by joy in all things, globally, internally, spiritually. He is joy...find Him.    




    APRIL 20 | "following jesus' walk to the cross"

    9am | free registration

    9:30am-12noon | event

    We invite you and your entire family to share in experiencing Jesus' journey to the cross! Along the way, enjoy the petting farm, sample food items, make crafts and *color eggs!  After your walk, get your runing shoes on and search for over 7000 treat-filled eggs! 

    *Please bring 6 hard-boiled eggs to participate in egg coloring.  

  • easter worship and musical cantata

    april 21 | 10:15am | sanctuary

    "We are witnesses: encounters with the savior"

    We invite you to join us as we celebrate the most momentus event in history! Our Covenant Choir will present a special musical cantata during worship with multi- media presentation and amazing musical score! We will celebrate the witnesses that had the honor of seeing our Lord in his most sacrificial moments. We are witnesses in today's world and want to share that precious gift of salvation with all!  

  • vbs 2019

    week of july 22-26

    life is wild, god is good!