We worship together, so working together is easy. Our team is focused and driven to help extend the knowledge and benefits of Christ to the people and places God has given us. We thrive on growth, love and the Spirit. We humbly seek prayer for guidance and His Will be done in all things, in all situations, in all circumstances. We support eachother and are truly a team.      

  • rev. scott larson

    senior pastor

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  • Darren Huntting

    Worship Arts Pastor | Music Director

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  • Billy Archie

    DIRECTOR of young adult ministry

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  • Jacob Rice

    youth director / media TECH

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  • Lisa ygual

    Children's Ministry director

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  • Martha Martin

    church Administrator

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  • Tricia Davies


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  • James kuhn

    TECH director

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church officers

Our Church Officers help strengthen the spiritual and physical needs of the church.


Our congregation is served and led by "presbyters" or elders, who are elected by the local congregation

to discern and represent the mind of Christ for the Church.

There are two kinds of elders: teaching elders or pastors, and ruling elders or ordained laymen.

Together, the elders make up the Session. The Session oversees the faith and life of the local church.

The qualifications for elders are found in 1 Timothy 3:1-17.



The office of deacon (deaconess) is one of compassion and service. The book of Acts is seen as the “birth” of the diaonate. As the church grows and pressing daily needs threaten to overwhelm the leadership, deacons are chosen to address the daily needs of believers. Particular responsibilities include caring for the needs of members in joy and sorrow, overseeing church finances and organizing the church budget, as well as maintaining and repairing the church building and grounds that the worship of God might continue without interruption.

The qualifications for deacons are found in 1 Timothy 3:8-12