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We welcome you to worship with us! 

Whether a seasoned christian, a new believer or just exploring this thing called christianity,

we invite you to come together to grow, learn and give praise and glory to jesus!

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spring series | pastor scott larson

Do you ever find yourself fighting God-your desires pulling you one way, God's desires pulling you another? 

Do you find yourself in the same boat as Jonah? 

Jonah found himself in that very same position, but his own desires won out over God's... for a time. 

Does your pride get in the way of what God wants you to do or accomplish?

As we often see in our own lives, God accomplished His purposes through Jonah, even though it meant God giving him a dose of humility ( like getting swallowed up by a whale) to get through to him and touch his prideful and unwilling heart. 

Sometimes alligning our desires with God's isn't always easy... 

going through the motions and not doing things with a heartfelt desire to serve God. 

God wants our actions... and our hearts to allign with His.  

Come and learn from Jonah and his "not-for-prophet" ways.