Postponed meetings. 

Sunday School isn’t only for children. It is just as important and relevant for adults and provides an important place in the life of adult believers. The Old Testament Scriptures were written to the Hebrews; the New Testament to the early believers. The N.T. Gospels and Epistles are intended as a basis of faith and practice for all believers and are just as relevant today as they were for the first century Christians.

No church is complete without Bible study and faith building for its congregation. Covenant has three Adult Sunday Schools to serve that purpose. Each class, both in content and teaching style is unique in its own way. The New Testament—Gospel and epistles—were written to the early church; studying them is not intended as a history lesson—though you will learn a lot about the early church. They also provide a life lesson by which to grow in our faith as His people. 

All classes are relying on the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us. 

Discussion are welcome and questions are encouraged. Won’t you join us? 


We are postponed for now.. but we look forward to seeing you all when we return. 

Stay healthy! 

Sunday School isn't just for kids... it is for adults too! These growth classes are encouraged as they help you to dig deeper into the Bible and offer opportunities for interaction, Q&A, and time to reflect on His Word. 

  • VERSE-BY-VERSE                                                 


    Current study: realities of life | ecclesiastes

    This Q&A study format will fulfill your need for discussion, knowledge and an in-depth look at the Scriptures.


  • GPS | GOD'S POSITIONING SYSTEM               


    Current Study: HOW DID WE GET OUR BIBLE?

    This diversified study is an "eclectic" integration of Scripture, Church History, Doctrine and Current Events, seeing God in every aspect of life, with His Word being foundational in and through it all.