Prayer is necessary in our lives, especially now. With so many factors creating confusion, division, illness and other distressing circumstances, prayer is a way to help, support and love eachother through the love and grace of Jesus. 

Prayer is our direct communication to our Creator. 

It ties us to eachother and to Him. 

Who better to go to than Him.  


PRAYER is our communication to God, our support for eachother, our spiritual connection to Jesus, healing, comfort, hope. 

PRAISES are also necessary so we can see the beautiful work God is doing in your life. 

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PRAYER & praise WALL

Please keep these prayers in your hearts. Anyone is welcome to add their prayers or praises to this wall. We want to be a support to our community, visitors and friends. 


Sat.joshua my 30 yr old son took a whole bottle of muscle relaxers trying to take his life.he is in st Joseph hospital in ICU with a breathing machine.please pray for Josh,and our family.thank you.


I am giving thanks for the "good medicine" we received from the children on Sunday. I cheerful, joyful heart IS good medicine! The words they spoke and sang are so true and "hit home" for me. I have replayed their performance and have been singing the song they sang for us to myself all morning and my heart is benefiting. Please pass along my thanks to them and everyone else involved. And thank you, God, for drawing close to the broken in spirit and giving us the medicine we need to heal. Our hearts can be glad because of your goodness that is all around us. Thank you too for music that makes our hearts glad!


Please pray for my mother's health as well as that of myself and my children. Please pray for our safety and salvation. Thank you.


Lord Jesus Christ. Dear Lord Jesus You are in my heart Day and night and You are my strength And my hope in life and I'm so very grateful For you in my life And you hold me tight In your heart softly Kissing me day and Night and you make me Stronger every day and I love you more With each passing day Amen Lord Jesus Christ.


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