Covenant Courier

The Covenant Courier has been the title of our newsletter for about 40 years. 

Although it has gone through some templating revisions, it is still the means in which we share our heart with others. 

Our ministry news, articles, updates and more are include in these issues.  

Each issue has "hyperlinks" threaded through most of the highlighted text and images. 

Feel free to click around within the newletter and see where they take you. 

  • 2021 was quite another year... we hope for great things to come for 2022... Jesus is the Light that breaks through the darkness as our KING! 

  • Fall has arrived and so have the great opportunities for fun, fellowship and service!! 

  • School is in session, vacation is "mostly" over, groups are starting to meet again, people are starting to meet again.... we are starting to gather and connect with each other and the Lord! Praise God! Find out about all the great things we have coming up this fall!  

  • Graduate / Summer Issue. (July/August) 

    CONGRATS TO OUR 2021 GRADS! We are so proud of the many successes our church family graduates have accomplished. Many blessings to them and their future endeavors. We hope you have a great summer and join us for group, event and study connection opportunities. 

  • Summer is a time for relaxing, vacationing and spending time away from school and work and with family. While you go, remember God doesn't vacation. He is always there for you. Bring Him with you and let Him have the window seat, the front seat of the concert and the best view in the house. Pray, connect and be with God. 

  • You are fearfully and wonderfully made. From conception to birth, you are alive. God knit you together in your mother's womb. Imagine, the Creator gave you a heart beat and lungs to breathe. He loved you so much that he gave you life. Little you, in your mother's womb. You have been you all along. Each little cell makes you. Cherish you, God does. Remember to thank the woman who cared for your life before she even knew you. Bless mothers and the women who love us.    

  • Making a Difference in the lives of others, is so important, especially nowadays. Find time to do good for others and you will do good for you! 

  • Holy Week is upon us... with that, we invite you to read about some of the wonderful worship services we are having and a new event for the whole family!  

  • Love is... hearts, flowers? TRUE LOVE IS ... JESUS. His love was so powerful that he made the ultimate sacrifice for us on the cross. LOVE is JESUS. 

  • Christmastime is here...happiness and cheer? Even in the most uncertain of times. there is a light that shines brighter that any other... Jesus. Find hope in Him this season and share his love with others.