There are so many stages we go through as we grow, physically and spiritually. 

We want to provide tools and means for your children, youth and young adults to create learning, growing and healthy relationships with eachother, others and the Lord.

From young kids to college and beyond...

growing strong Christians is what we do.  


                                                        COVP KIDS                    (Nursery-6th Grade)

                                                     SOMA YOUTH               (7th-high school)

                                                     theGATHERING            (18/college/newlyweds)

                                              COVENANT COLLECTIVE PERFORMING ARTS GROUP (1st - 6th Grade)

                                                   Glorifying God through the performing arts. 

                                                   REGISTRATION FORM (pdf)     Please return by Oct. 6

                                                   RELEASE AND WAIVER (pdf)    Please return before first visit.  

                                                    COVENANT CHRISTIAN SCHOOL  (preschool-8th)