Showing up to a new church on a Sunday can be overwhelming sometimes.

Hopefully this will help you with your experience.


A Warm Welcome

Our members and faithful greeters will make you feel at home before you step onto our campus.

If you have any questions about where to go or about Covenant, feel free to come to the Visitor Tent or Kiosk. If you want to be connected in a small group study/fellowship event or want us to contact you, please fill out a Connection Card.




We believe the only source for spiritual authority is Scripture. Therefore, though there are exceptions, we typically preach and teach through books of the Bible, which is commonly known as Expository Preaching. This allows for preaching in context of the original meaning of Scripture and it also protects us from making the Bible say something that it was never meant to say. Ultimately, it is a way to rely on God to speak powerfully to us through His Spirit and by His Word.


God, by His grace and perfect understanding, chose to create music and weave it into an ordained means of praise, thanksgiving, and communication. As we sing to the Lord, we can expect to be comforted and convicted, broken and lifted up, emptied and filled. This is because God understands that music has a unique way of speaking to us in various and powerful ways. At Covenant, it is our desire to take the opportunities and innovations of the present and connect them with the beauty and insight of the past. Ancient hymnwriters had a way of writing music that moved beyond the mere emotions of people by giving us doctrinally rich lyrics that instruct and edify the soul. When united with contemporary tunes and instruments, a uniquely worshipful style is presented. Though these songs are old, they are also new and my ultimate hope is that they will glorify God as they unite us to Him in Christ. 


According to the Bible, God does not look at the outward appearance but He looks at the heart. We are more interested in who you are than what you are wearing. Don't let a concern over attire keep you from joining us. Come as you are!


Children are welcome! They are signed in at the Visitor's Tent before service and join the congregation during the beginning of service. After the Family Devotions, they are released to age-appropriate Sunday School classes, though you are welcome to have your child sit with you during service.

We also have a credentialed Nursery staff and a "Mother's Room" that is available for mothers/fathers and infants, located in our foyer library. 

Whether they are in nursery (infants-4y.o.) or in COVPkids (elementary) they will journey through the Bible, pray, get silly, and learn to worship God with their lives. 


learn. know. grow.

This introduction to Covenant is a session filled with information about faith, membership and Covenant as a church family.

Our Pastoral Staff will lead you through questions and give answers to various other topics.

A light meal will be served.

To be added to the next session, please contact the CHURCH OFFICE.