We invite you to gather with us for these great events that inspire community and movement in faith and growth!  

  • family fun night

    august 4 | 6:30pm | picnic area

    As a church family we like to have fun!! Bring the entire crew to a fun summer night of bocce, bounce houses, games, catered dinner and an activity-filled time for all ages! We love summer... and family!  

  • covenant's SUNSET CINEMA


    Bring your family and friends to this movie night under the stars! We will be showing a popular and colorful movie on the big screen featuring a bunch of brightly colored singing gnomes with fluffy hair... singing and dancing will occur and we will have a blast!

    Dinner and snacks will be available. Bring chairs and blankets to be comfortable on the grass!  


Below are our most recent events at Covenant.

We invite you to attend when you are able and enjoy fellowship with others. 

  • CHURCH FAMILY NIGHT (On Break Until September)


    6pm dinner | free for first-time visitors, youth & kids

    $5 donation per adult / $10 donation per family

    6:30pm |  jr. choir

                               age 4 - 8th grade | rehearsal | music theory | singing for church

    6:45pm | ADULT LESSONS

                                pastor dennis tarr, covp teaching/shepherding pastor

    7:00pm | COVP KIDS c-o-n-n-e-c-t STUDY

                              age 4 - 5th grade | bringing the bible to life | applications | study

    7:00pm | soma youth group |  7:00pm                      

                      6th grade - high school

    We welcome you to join us for Wednesday nights filled with learning, fellowship and the WORD for all ages. A great meal too!