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We welcome you to worship with us! 

Whether a seasoned christian, a new believer or just exploring this thing called christianity,

we invite you to come together to grow, learn and give praise and glory to jesus!

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worship wars

new year sermon series

A short time ago, in a church not so far far away… the topic of worship came into being. His Force will be channeled and used to guide and lead us through this new series to find light and hope in worship. 


Sunday, January 14

            Sermon Title:  “The Choreography of Authentic Worship”

                                          -- How We Worship                          

            Text:  Isaiah 6: 1-8

            Preacher:  Pastor Dennis Tarr


Sunday, January 21

            Sermon Title:  “Don’t Mess With My Music”

                                         -- The Role of Music in Worship

            Text:  Psalm 33: 1-9

            Preacher:  Pastor Dennis Tarr


Sunday, January 28

            Sermon Title:  “The Dangerous Act of Worship”

                                         -- The Risk of Worship

            Text:  Micah 6: 6-8; Luke 9: 23-27

            Preacher:  Pastor Dennis Tarr