What is Alpha?

Food. Talk. Discuss. Grow. 

Alpha creates an environment of hospitality where people can bring their friends, family and work colleagues to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view. 

Alpha makes it easy to invite friends to have a meal, hear a short teaching talk, and have an opportunity to explore life’s biggest questions in a safe and respectful way.

Alpha began in 1977 at Holy Trinity Brompton in London as a course for new Christians.  By 1998 over 10,000 churches were sponsoring Alpha in their churches.  By 2008 over 10,000,000 people had experienced Alpha.  By 2016, over 29,000,000 people have experienced  Alpha in 169 countries and 112  languages.

Wednesdays | 6pm
dinner ($5 / free for first-timers/kids/youth)

DARK 3/28 (Holy Week)

Why and How Should I Read the Bible? 
How Does God Guide Us?
Who is the Holy Spirit? 
What Does the Holy Spirit Do? 



7:00pm | SOMA Youth Study & FUN

 (6th grade-high school)

SOMA Youth is more than a group, it is a community of young believers that encourage, uphold and find fellowship with each other. 

They know how to study the Word and play hard! There is always something new and exciting to experience and learn.

Director: Jacob Rice

covp kids

COVP KIDS c-o-n-n-e-c-t

6:45pm | preschool-5th grade

April Theme: Road Trip

Growing ... like a seed, it needs nurturing, light, sun, and lots of love! We want to grow little Christians into strong, confident, spirit-filled, prayerful and missional Christian adults! It starts at the beginning with a little LIGHT, LOVE and a lot of SON!  

COVP KIDS c-o-n-n-e-c-t: Gina Campos

COVP Junior Choir


Ages 4 - 8th grade

Kids have a heart for worship even at a young age. They are natural in their emotions and expressive in their musicality. Our COVP Junior Choir is a wonderful way for kids to express their spirit and learn about music theory and how important it is to truly worship God... 

with joyful noises!

COVP Junior Choir Director: Melinda Dorsman